Mogens True Wegener

emer. professor of philosophy

and the history of ideas 

Aarhus University




Here you find the results of my reflections on philosophical problems.

All my papers are presented in pdf-format which is easily accessible with Adobe Reader.

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Creatio ex nihilo & 

The Logic of Time

  1. The Idea of God
  2. God as Craftsman
  3. The Spell of Being
  4. A Divine Argument
  5. The Divine Comedy
  6. Heritage from Plato
  7. Mind versus Matter
  8. Monads in Harmony
  9. The Language of God
  10. The Bounds of Reason
  11. Excessive Speculation
  12. The Logic of Paradox 
  13. The Forking Pathways
  14. A Critique of SpaceTime  
  15. A Philosoher's Hindsight
  16. God, Time, and Creation
  17. A Metaphysics of Time
  18. A Logic of Creation
  19. Creatio Ex Nihilo



     Time, Creation & World-Order

             Man - Time - World

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